WebThings on iPad2

I have an iPad2 sitting around collecting dust. I figured I would use it as a dedicated interface for WebThings. When I try to login I get the “Cannot POST /login/” error. Is my iPad2 completely worthless, or is there a workaround I’m unaware of? I have tried on Safari, Firefox and chrome all ending the same way. iOS is limited to 9.3.5 for reference.

Hmm, that’s odd. Two questions:

  1. Are you able to log in from a browser on another device, e.g. laptop or smart phone?
  2. Are there any errors in the log when your login fails? The log exists on the Pi at ~/.mozilla-iot/log/run-app.log.

Thanks for the reply! I am able to login from other browsers without trouble.

Having issues accessing the logs. If I am doing it correctly, it says Permission Denied.

I was able to access the logs and there are no errors showing. Everything else is still working as it should.

Hmm, the oldest simulator I can get on my Mac is for iOS 10.3.1, nothing 9.X. If you have a Mac, you can debug Mobile Safari as follows: https://appletoolbox.com/use-web-inspector-debug-mobile-safari/

Unfortunately I dont have a Mac to do any debugging. I’ll keep working at it and update this post if I find a solution.

Thanks for your help!


I have been having a similar issue with trying to load the Webthings gateway on my iPad Mini gen 1, running Safari 9.3.5. It loads on all my other devices.
Can’t run the web inspector on my PC, but this is basically the issue:

  1. Loading the gateway leads to a blank light blue screen. “Request Desktop Page” doesn’t work.
  2. Manually loading …mozilla-iot.org/login/ gets me to the login page, but instead of the blank fields being labeled “username” and “password” they appear blank
  3. Submitting login information leads to an error “cannot POST /login/”

It seems to be an issue specifically with Safari 9.3.5.

That seems like an issue with Fluent, our localization library. I just added (to our development branch) a library which should add compatibility for older browsers.


Sorry to revive a kinda dead thread but I came across this problem myself. Both the gateway and my own web based management code won’t work on ios/safari 9.3.5.

Instead of coding for older browsers I installed the real vnc client on the iPad 2 and connect to my hub/raspberry pi that way. I then use chrome on the pi to hit the gateway. Every thing works, no muss no fuss. Just set real vnc to take touch inputs.

It may be worth trying out so those old iPads can get put back to work.

My Ipad 1 also won’t open the UI :frowning: