Webthings which OS is used?

Hi all,
I am completely new here. I do not use Webthings yet. Currently I use Domoticz with raspbian for domotic purposes and for my wired alarm which is interfaced to Domoticz by python scripts.

I am very interested in Webthings and I have several questions about this solution:

  • I suppose than the download include the OS ?
  • Which OS is it ?
  • Is there an installable version from raspbian ?
  • Is it possible to exchange informations with Python ?
  • json ?

Thank you for your lights

Our primary download is a full Raspbian image with our software installed. It’s based on Raspbian Lite.

We do not provide a standalone package. However, we do provide the following:

As for interfacing with the gateway, it really depends on what you want to do.

  • If you want to build an add-on which can talk to hardware, you can do so. We currently have add-ons written in Javascript (Node.js) and Python, but you could theoretically build one in any language.
  • If you want to create standalone devices which the gateway can interact with, you can use the Things Framework.
  • If you just want to interact with the gateway to do other things, you can use the REST API.

@ mstegeman
Thank you for your quick reply. I thought the OS should be Raspbian lite but I wanted to be sure.

Currently my needs are:

  • Switches in Webthings able to launch Python scripts
  • Changing Webthings switches state by Python scripts
  • Transmit and read sensor informations of Webthings devices
  • Manage GPIOs

I think I can do all with Webthings. I am going to test this in the next days. I will definitely need your help so, see you soon on the forum