Week of December 16: Add-ons Community Meeting & Show and Tell

Hi all,

We’re closing out 2019 with two community-focused meetings during the week of December 16. Hope to see ya’ll at one (or both) of them!

  • Add-ons Community Meeting on December 18, 2019 4:30 PM: We’ll cover recent happenings in the add-ons ecosystem and talk about what’s in store for Q1 2020. Please add any other topics you would like to discuss to the agenda. Call-in information is available on the wiki. This meeting will also be streamed on Air Mozilla.

  • Add-ons Show & Tell on December 19, 2019 3:30 PM: Bring your add-ons related projects to our monthly demos meeting! Sign up for a 5-minute slot and see call-in information on the agenda. This meeting will also be streamed on Air Mozilla.

Thank you Caitlin for those meetings.

For the Add-ons Show & Tell, I’ll be talking mostly about Service Workers, which is a big part of the incoming changes extension developers will need to face in 2020.

For the past 6 weeks, developers had the chance to start playing around the new Manifest V3 APIs using Canary 80 & 81.

I’ll focus my talk on :

  • Where to save your service worker file.
  • How to inspect/debug your service worker.
  • Terminate & restart your service worker.
  • ES6 import statements? Use ImportScripts() for now.
  • The Mozilla browser-polyfill.js library.
  • Permissions.request API issues.
  • CORS issues with service workers.
  • Various other small details: (declarativeNetRequest/Github project/etc.)

Thank you!