Week of January 15: WebExtensions APIs Triage & Add-ons Community Meetings

January 16, 2018: WebExtensions APIs Triage
18:30 UTC / 10:30am PST

During this meeting, we will sort and prioritize the following WebExtensions APIs:

  • Bug 1392063 - dynamically overriding new tab page spams the browser history
  • Bug 1392999 - Support adding actions to the (floating) text selection action bar on Android
  • Bug 1393570 - Consider windows.create cookieStoreId property
  • Bug 1429337 - Support extra options in captureOptions
  • Bug 1428485 - Support for extensions which add alternate user input methods, such as mouse gestures, which work on all pages
  • Bug 1427306 - Allow to check browser/page/sidebar action value existence

January 17, 2018: Add-ons Community Meeting
16:30 UTC / 8:30am PST

During this meeting, we will be talking about current and future add-ons projects, including the add-on reviewer program. If there is anything you would like to discuss, please add it to the agenda.

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