Weekly Call 02-06-2016


  • Thursday May 19th, 16:00 UTC

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  • WebVR
  • Making Encryption Mainstream
  • Reps OKRs

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  1. Hi my name is @qudahmahmood, and I am from Jordan . My favorite Mozilla moment was when i met Mitchell Baker, John Bernard and Nisha Malhan in Jordan :smiley: .
  2. Hi my name Mohamed Hafez, and I am from Egypt my favorite Mozilla moment was when unknown attend first know details about Mozilla mission at one of our events, told me that you really support the society keep up becouse You consider the hope of us (internet users) in this world.
  3. Hey Gautam from Bangalore India.
  4. Hi, my name is Gašper, I am from beautiful country Slovenia. My favorite Mozilla moment was my first event planing for L10n team as Reps.
  5. Hi my name is Åke and I am from Stockholm, Sweden
  6. Konstantina from Greece, my favorite moment was on the Athens webmaker event where I met a tons of new Reps
  7. Hi, my name is KaiRo, and I am from Austria. My favorite Mozilla moment was when I first met other Mozillians in person in 2000 - end every other time I could meet Mozillians in person afterwards.
  8. Hi my name is Liz, I’m in Norfolk, VA
  9. Hey all, this is Ram from India :slight_smile:
  10. Hi, I’m Michael from Switzrland
  11. Hi, Trishul from India, my favorite Mozilla moment was at house of blues, Orlando \o/
  12. Hi, Rabimba. Woke up late so apologies for late joining. Right now in Houston
  13. Hi, I am Henrik. Joining from the metro in Munich, Germany. Amazing to see this Vidyo session working rather well as I move through the city.
  14. Hi, my name is Rosana, I’m from Colombia. My favorite Mozilla moment was when I met the fox for the first time.

Shout outs! Know some Reps who did an amazing work! Let’s share some #mozlove to them! (

TOPIC 1 - Ramimba MozVR

  • Link: http://blog.rabimba.com/2016/05/vr-for-everyone-when-you-get-to-play.html

  • 3 days worskhop in NYC

  • Most of the attendees were highschoolers

  • some had programming experience, some not

  • The challenge is how to make WebVR interesting to youth


  • Are you planning to have another event?

  • plz add your direct contact to catch you for more details :stuck_out_tongue:

  • @rabimba & karanjai.moz at gmail.com


  • Resources Needed:

  • ideally you need a Occulus VR and a pretty beefed up machine to do that. Since that’s costly and not readily available. The whole workshop was done using Google Cardboards and Smartphones (Android 4.4> , iOS 8>)

  • Google Cardboard- iPhone/Android- Firefox Nightly / Chrome (safari will not work)

TOPIC 2 - Liz Hull - Making Encryption Mainstream

  • Work across Mozilla to make a collaborative open Marketing program
  • Use the Mozilla Megaphone to your community
  • QUESTIONS: What have you learned from the Relationship with local communities socializers (social champions)
  • our connection is getting better, we communicate with them in a weekly basis,
  • Started a 1:1 connection
  • Marketing is working on brand identity on Firefox and Mozilla and we are working close with our community about it
  • Wiki link.

TOPIC 3 - Michael Kohler - Program goals for this quarter

  • Objective: Changes in RepsNext have broad agreement and are broadly communicated and implemented
  • Objective: Regional mobilizer group is supporting communities all around the world
  • How to get involved: Check the discussion on give your feedback:
  • Have suggestions for the next quarter? Drop them there as well!

TOPIC 4 - Council updates

  • Review team is still in definition phase, keep an eye out on the GitHub
  • Mobilizer group is being defined, currently looking for a date for an initial call, see
  • Research before London (Interviews with Reps) is being organized