Weekly Call 2015-07-16


Thursday July 16th, 15:00 UTC


Check the agenda, please add your own topics as well if you have something to share with us.

AirMozilla video


Weekly call details:


  • Webmaker tools: Update from webmaker team.
  • Upcoming events: Francisco will update us about important upcoming events.
  • What’s up with the Council this week: Update from the Council work this week.

Detailed notes

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Detailed notes

Shoutouts to the Uganda Community, all Moslem Mozillians and Nuke.

Webmaker tools

Bobby (@secretrobotron) joined that call to remind that there are plans to take down Appmaker & Popcorn Maker, but simply “move” Thimble & Goggles. Don’t expect these to be accessible after August 31st.

They are building a way to users to access their old makes — they will all be stored indefinitely.

Read and share the old blog post if you haven’t already.

Reach out to Bobby if you have more questions.

Featured events

  • MozFest East Africa (17th to 19th). Kampala, Uganda.

  • Hack in India (18th, 19th). Bangalore, India.

  • OSCON (21st, 24th). Portland, USA.

  • Campus Party Mexico (22nd to 26th). Zapopan, Mexico

  • Campus Party Recife (22nd to 26th). Olinda, Brazil.

Don’t forget to add your event to Discourse, and share some photos, so it can be shared on Reps Twitter account.

What’s up with Council this week?

These are some of the initiatives Council is working this week:

  • Brainstorm about recognition.

  • RoTM June blog post in the works.

  • Mentor selection process 2.0 (shared on reps-general)

  • Blog post about Reps work at Whistler Work Week.

Whistler Recap take two

We have some videos and articles about this Work Week that we recommend to check.

More blog posts about Whistler:

Raw etherpad notes.