Weekly Call 2015-07-23


Thursday July 23th, 15:00 UTC


Check the agenda, please add your own topics as well if you have something to share with us.

AirMozilla video


Weekly call details:


  • Firefox OS Foxfooding: Update from Firefox OS team about the foxfooding program.
  • Upcoming events: Francisco will update us about important upcoming events.

Detailed notes

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Detailed notes

Shoutouts to Ahmed Nefzaoui and Yofie Setiawan (@yofiesetiawan) as the Reps of the Month!

Firefox OS Foxfooding

The Foxfooding program started as an employee initiative but it will be expanded to mozillians soon.

A good way to contribute now is check the Foxfooding dashboard and help to triage bugs, we also have an app (Triagr) to help with this login with your bugzilla user, you can install or try it. Feel free to follow @foxfooding on Twitter.

Discourse topic about Foxfooding.

There is also the B2gdroid initiative to be able to experience Gaia directly on an Android device.

Future for Firefox OS is very interesting, like NGA (New Gaia Architecture) and new features like stream apps, share apps, hack apps, share modifications (Hackerspace).

Featured events

  • Maker Party Events:
  • Kathmandu (Nepal), 25th. Rep: Surit Aryal
  • Stockholm (Sweden), 25th. Rep: Åke Nygren
  • Kanpur (India), 28th. Rep: Chandan Kumar Baba
  • Sertaozinho (Brazil), 29th. Rep: Sergio Oliveira
  • And many more events in: https://events.webmaker.org/events
  • HackDehli - New Dehli (India). 25th-26th.
  • Mozilla Hindi Community Meetup - New Dehli (India). 25th-26th
  • Firefox OS Launch week 6 in Mauritius - 25 July 2015 in the South of Mauritius at Mahebourg.

Webmaker app launch in Indonesia

The launch is going to happen in August with the training help of WilliamQ, Bobby, Paul, Kevin.

The preparation is still in progress, including localization, planning for events content.

Raw etherpad notes.

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the event that was supposed to be the 25th is moved to 15th August in Hässelby, Stockholm

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