Weekly Call 2016-04-07


  • Thursday April 7th, 16:00 UTC


  • Check the agenda and please add your own topics as well if you have something to share with us.

AirMozilla video

Weekly call details:


  1. Indonesian Campus Campaign - Kelimutu
  2. WoMozHacks - Brazil written update
  3. Future Events - Franc

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  1. Hi my name is @couci from Athens, Greece. My favorite super hero is Thor
  2. Hi, my name is Ioana and I am currently in the hearth of Transylvania! My favorite super hero was Sailor Moon!
  3. Hi, my name is @jobaval10n and I am currently at the Mozilla offices in Berlin! My favorite super hero is Norman Borlaug, human.
  4. Hi, my name is @franc and I’m from Spain. My favourite super hero is Batman, because he has no superpowers
  5. Hi, my name is @alex_lakatos and I am currently in the middle of a storm in London! My favorite super hero was Jerry from Tom&Jerry. (where is your lovely face in the call?)(nowhere, I’m doing two meetings at once now :frowning: )
  6. Hi, my name is @rara and I am currently in the heart of instant noodles gulp. My favorite super hero is Sailor Moon, too. And oh, the Masked Tuxedo :3
  7. Hi my name is @irvin and I’m from Taiwan. My favourite super hero is …
  8. Hi my name is @yofiesetiawan , from Jakarta Indonesia. My favourite super hero is Spider-Man
  9. Hi my name is Trishul and I’m from India. My favourite super hero is IronMan
  10. Hi my name is @dikyarga
    and I am from Indonesia, My favourite super hero is Saitama :smiley:
  11. Hi, my name is @kelimuttu and I’m from Indonesia. My favorite hero is Mom! :smiley: aaawwww - best reply ever indeed
  12. Hi, my name is Mijanur and I am from Bangladesh. My favorite super hero is Super Man!

Shout outs!

  • Christos cause he is the new FSA coordinator
  • Cynthia Zanoni, Cynthia Pereira, Geraldo and Lenno for Mozhacks in Brazil

Chair: Rosana
Notetakers: Konstantina and Ioana


TOPIC 0 - an impromptu discussion about what ‘engagement’ means for events with Mozilla participation - Jobava and Rosana

  • ACTIONS: a discourse post exploring the issue further by Jobava (conscripted) with the aid of Ioana

TOPIC 1 - Indonesian Campus Campaign - Kelimuttu

  • In case you want to take a look at the progress, you can check it here.
  • There is already a plan about 8 campuses in Indonesia, it’s in regions we have active Mozillians
  • We are still drafting our approach into the university
  • we are blocked on the mid term planning need for a clearer understanding about the Campus Campaign
  • small, local events
  • programs for teams
  • application process for ‘local coaches’
  • QUESTIONS: How can we manage the CC with 0 funding
  • we are asking to have local and small events, so we won’t have transportation needed
  • Where can we have engagement events and not necessarily specific to privacy? For example: students going to a campus, is there material for people to present the campaign?
  • all materials will be up on the site by next week
  • RELEVANT LINKS: https://github.com/mozilla/participation-leaders-accountability/issues/6

TOPIC 2 - WoMozHacks - Brazil written update

  • https://reps.mozilla.org/e/womakerscode-marathon/
  • The team WoMoz Brazil with WoMakersCode project promoted marathons (join efforts) in several cities in Brazil in March to develop engagement activities and women’s empowerment in technology. 7 cities received female empowerment activities, the activities were digital inclusion, web development (programming), engagement and motivation.
  • People involved in a conversation/interaction during the event: 314 people
  • Marathon results.
  • Photos.
  • Schedule
  • WoMoz Brasil
  • WoMakersCode

TOPIC 3 - Future Events -Franc

TOPIC 4 - Community experimentation Launch Pad - Rosana

  • Initial Documentation
  • This is something we test and we will see how it goes
  • Blog to come out soon
  • The approach we have is slightly different than the events we have in Reps

TOPIC 5 - Council Updates


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