Weekly Update: AMA for Our Voices Competition, Kiswahili Grantees,

Hello Common Voice Community,

I hope this message finds you well - this week’s weekly update focus’ on the model competition and some amazing news about the Kiswahili Grant Recipients.

Short news/updates

  • I have been in Sweden this week, speaking about how to talk about computers at the conference!.

  • We are also soon to have our 100th and 101st Language added to Common Voice for voice data collection. ps. If you speak Tagalog please help by contributing/validating sentences on the sentence collector, they are just 100 away !

Are you excited to take part in the ‘Our Voices’ Model and Methods Competition?

You can win up to $2,000 (USD) to help improve Speech Recognition performance for communities that are traditionally under-served! Our competition is open to everyone, not just machine learning practitioners, but to community organisers too! Learn how you can take part in our blog.

So are you ready to compete?

[Yes I’m In] [No, I Don’t Want to Compete]

Ways To Make The Most Out Of The Competition

Watch this video to see how you can mobilise your community to power more inclusive language growth.

Take part in the Ask Me Anything session on 31st August at 4-5 pm UTC+1, hosted by the Mozilla Common Voice Team and our judges. We will be responding to questions via sli.do and the community chat.

Don’t forget to register your interest, so you can receive the participant’s pack, which includes helpful resources, tips and the official submission template.

Hot off the press: Talk Swahili to me: Voice-enabled apps changing the game for farmers and local communities

Eight projects advancing financial inclusion, access to reliable information for smallholder farmers, and legal rights to land ownership for marginalized communities are the recipients of Common Voice Kiswahili grants totalling USD $400,000

Read more on our blog


Common Voice Community Manager, Mozilla Foundation

Ps. Still, have questions? Reach out to us on our Community Chat.

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Nevermind, the AMA meeting is 16:00 UTC+1