Weird summer time behaviour

I wrote my rules a couple of months ago, when my time zone was CEST (Central Europe Summer Time); yesterday, to my big surprise, when we moved, as usual, to CET (Central Europe Time), the gateway converted all rules timing to CET, thus moving every time one hour back.
While I understand that that formally the conversion is correct (7 CEST = 6 CET for example), I find it hard to make sense of this in the context of IOT rules; when I say “start my coffe machine at 7” I mean “regardless of timezone” or “at 7 in whatever timezone is currently configured”. I understand that this could lead to “double fires” around the night of the switch, but it would be better than have to edit all the rules twice a year…
Is this intended or is it a bug?

Thanks for reporting.

After the transition from GMT to BST six months ago I noticed my rules all shifted by one hour to be later, or in other words didn’t automatically adjust for daylight savings time. I’m not 100% sure what happened in your case but it sounds like it could be the same issue.

In the 0.10 release we’re adding Time Settings where you can set your timezone via the web interface (I think Raspbian sets everyone to GMT by default). Hopefully this will improve the situation a little, but we may need to do further testing to make sure the rules engine adjusts automatically for Daylight Savings Time. I’ve filed to track this.

Thanks for the reply, I thinks this is exactly what happened.
For your reference please note that:

which I use because I need different behaviour in the weekend, has a settings page where you input your timezone and it worked ok in the transition (that is it displayed the correct time without manual work); I would use that instead of standard “thing” (Time of day), but it’s not very practical to setup a specific time of day.
I think that maybe the simplest thing to say is that it should work as an alarm clock; you set the alarm and it will ring at the time you set, regardless of how you set the “system” time. Not perfect for every scenario, but probably the right choice when it comes to home automation

This should be fixed in the upcoming 0.10 release. I just did some local testing to make sure that Node adjusts properly for DST, and it looks like it will.

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Great! Thanks, looking forward for next release!

DST ended today here in New York State. Time based rules on my gateway were broken in a weird way: The rules with an AM time were one hour off and required resetting manually. But the rules with PM times were the correct time and didn’t need changing.

FWIW, I had set the time on my Pi to local time with raspi-config immediately after the first boot with my gateway. Which is America/New York time.

When will 0.10 be released? I want to set up a 2nd gateway but have been holding off in hopes that 0.10 will be released so I’ll know what has changed.

The 0.10 release should be out within the next few weeks.