Weird Tabstop Key behaviour?

Hi, i am trying to use the Tabstop and Shift Tabstop to navigate to the Sidebar Window. It works flawless BUT the fact, that its “going in circles” makes it completely unusable. If it would stop at a specific Element than i could quick jump to my History/Bookmarks by just hitting Tabstop or Shift Tabstop.

If its not clear yet. If one keeps hitting Tabstop than eventually the last element of a Page will be reached. But it wont stop there, it will just continue to go to the Sidebar and continue the circle. Not sure how this behaviour is called in Terms of UI Behaviour … maybe Wrap/RoundTripping? Anyway is there a way to fix this or at least a Way to reach the Sidebar with a Hotkey. Something thats realiable. I know closing and opening the Sidebar with CTRL+H is a working method to consitently get focus on it BUT thats really ugly an unpleasing - HTML will allways jump around.

ANyway hope somebody has a solution …

This forum isn’t very active and posting here isn’t a good way to reach the developers.

There are more active discussion rooms on the Matrix.

Thx for letting me know. I found a solution. Looks like the F6 Key only jumps between the main window, the address bar and the sidebar. So maximum 2 Key Presses and I am where I need to be.