Welcome Evelyn!

Hello everyone,

I’m so happy to introduce you to another member of the SUMO team. Evelyn Henry is joining us from Partner Hero as per last week to replace Bryce. Alongside Brady, she will be focusing on paid product support, however, both will also be helping out on the Respond Tool, as well as forum and social support.

Here’s a short intro from Evelyn:

Hi! My name is Evelyn and I’m currently in Boise, Idaho. After getting my degree in Creative Writing, and spending some years writing novels, I decided to branch out to a more technical field. I will be providing support for Mozilla products and assisting users online. I’m currently teaching myself programming, but when I have free time, I enjoy playing video games and spending time with friends.

Some of you who is a regular contributor to the forum might come across her profile before. Please join me to welcome Evelyn and please don’t hesitate to say hi!

On behalf of the SUMO team,

Welcome Evelyn, Looking forward to working with you to push the Mozilla mission forward. Cheers !!!