Welcome! Tell us about yourself

Hi everyone, welcome to our little slice of the Mozilla community.

Please introduce yourself, and let us know what interests you about joining the Toronto community. What would you like to accomplish? Go ahead, be selfish, you never know who else is hoping to achieve the same thing, or wants to help you!

I’ll start!

I’m Majken, but most English speakers can’t pronounce it so please feel free to call me Kensie. I’ve been a member of the Mozilla community for over 10 years. I’d really like to see an active local community where people collaborate together and socialize together.

I’m a bit of a problem solver and I think Mozilla has such a big physical presence in Toronto, but it doesn’t seem to have a social presence. Many people don’t even know we have an office here! I’m also a facilitator more than a doer. I don’t code, for example, but I want to help connect people who do. I like planning events, and handling all the little details. I like helping people find the answer to their problem, or the right person to help them succeed.