Welcome to the Open Voice Challenge

We’re excited to announce the official launch of the first ever Open Voice Challenge! This is the first time Common Voice has run an intercompany competition and our engineering teams have worked hard to launch new features that support the experience.

This Discourse instance is where you can learn more about the challenge, speak with the Common Voice team, and ask any questions you may have. This post provides an overview of the challenge itself.

Common Voice Overview

In 2017, Mozilla launched a crowdsourcing initiative called Common Voice with a bold goal: making voice data and technology open and accessible to everyone. Now you can donate your voice to help Mozilla build an open-source voice database that anyone can use to make innovative apps for devices and the web. Read a sentence to help machines learn how real people speak. Check the work of other contributors to improve the quality. It’s that simple!

Pilot Challenge

Earlier this year, the Common Voice team and SAP joined forces to think about ways of increasing voice collection while engaging contributors in fun, new ways. Together we’ve designed an interactive cross-company challenge with the goal of increasing contributions to the dataset. By signing up you’ll take part in the pilot challenge. Thanks for being our guinea pig! We’re looking forward to your participation and feedback.

Weekly Challenges

For three weeks in a row you’ll be asked to complete a set of challenges, each with a prize of a $100 to a charity of your choice. Each week teams will compete for a weekly $500 team donation. We have a large list of vetted charities to choose from and there will be multiple winners each week!

Week 1: Sign Up and Contribute!

(I) Individual

(T) Team

Individual Activity:

  • Listen to 200 clips
  • Speak 100 clips

Weekly Team Challenge:

  • Win a prize by being the team with the highest sign up rate
    • This is the percentage of team invites that have been accepted out of the total sent.

Prize Week 1:

  • (I) The first three contributors who signed up, listened to 200 clips and spoke 100 clips will win $100 toward the charity of their choice.
  • (I) The top three contributors with the most points will win $100 toward the charity of their choice.
  • (T) The team that has the most people sign up for the challenge from the initial email that was sent out. E.g. the highest % sign up engagement

Week 2: Let’s Get Social!

Individual Activity:

  • Listen 100 clips
  • Speak 50 clips
  • Invite 5 people to join Common Voice

Weekly Team Challenge:

  • The most socially active team wins the prize
    • This will be based on the number of invites your team has sent inviting others to join the Open Voice Challenge

Prize Week 2:

  • (I) Be one of the first 3 to contribute after receiving this email - midweek bonus
  • (I) Topped the leaderboard - top of the leaderboard for each company will win $100 toward the charity of their choice.
  • (I) Top 3 to bring in the most sign ups through social challenge will win $100 toward the charity of their choice.
  • (T) The team that brought in the most sign ups through the social challenge

Week 3: Top the Leaderboard

Individual Activity:

  • Listen 200 clips
  • Speak 100 clips
  • Set a custom goal

Weekly Team Challenge:

  • The team that validates the highest percentage of voice clips wins the prize
  • This will be based on the percentage of clips the team has accurately validated

Prize Week 3:

  • (I) Early Bird - first individual to donate during the week w/ a custom goal set
  • (I) Midnight Bus - last individual to donate for week 2 w/ a custom goal set
  • (I) Spoken like a Champ - Top 5 individuals with the highest recorded clip accuracy
  • (I) First 3 to set a Custom Goal
  • (T) Highest % of Validated Clips + Highest Average contribution per team member

Thank You!

Everyone taking part in the Open Voice Challenge is helping make open voice data available to researchers, makers, students, startups, and organizations like yours. Your feedback is vital to us. We want to hear about the onboarding process, your thoughts on the contribution portal, and more.

Feel free to share your thoughts here, or through the weekly surveys you’ll receive via email.

Happy Contributing!

The Common Voice Team

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Lindsay can you add me to the IBM team? Thanks!

Yep! I’ll send you the email to join.