What about public/religious holidays?

using thunderbird for several years: starting a new year means “same procedure as last year” concerning to public holidays in germany (or anywhere), because I don’t know any app, which imports these mainly fluent holidays as Easter etc or other religious holidays resp. public holidays.
Being a noob in programming apps: who is able to solve this problem?

I don’t know of a specific extension that does what you want but there are a range of websites that provide ics files that can be imported (or subscribed if you’re lucky) into Thunderbird.

One such site can be found here. I found it with a quick Internet serach using the terms: german public holidays ics

Using this technique you would need to import the file once a year (at most).

Thanks for coaching! As a grandma in using different types of edv since roundabout 1980 my knowhow looks like an old sock with several holes :wink::innocent:

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That sounds like my brain (on a good day) :grin: