What and how to report if you need support

We are happy for every new user of DeepSpeech. As it is under active development, stuff changes quickly and you might have problems running it. We are here to help and might point to this thread if needed :slight_smile:

Please do the following before posting:

If you still struggle, feel free to open a new thread in this forum (don’t answer to this post). Only hijack older threads if really necessary.

Please include the following when reporting a problem:

  • Training or just running inference
  • Moziall STT branch/version
  • OS Platform and Distribution (e.g., Linux Ubuntu 18.04)
  • Python version
  • TensorFlow version

If using GPU:

  • CUDA/cuDNN version

State what you have learned from reading older threads. Usually there is already some discussion about the problem. You might have a new angle and it is great to begin talking about it with you having some background of what was said before.

Include logs (as citation/preformatted) so we can see the formatted output. No images please.

We love to hear what you plan on doing with DeepSpeech. Usually you’ll get additional feedback or hints on how to succeed.

Finally, sometimes we can respond within seconds, sometimes latency can be measured in days. Remember this is free