What are Mozilla's plans with DevTools?

The Firefox DevTools have been leading the way in quite a few features. Sure, there are things where Chrome is better but let’s say Firefox is competitive.

Since the layoffs affected also DevTools people, what does Mozilla plan to do for DevTools?

We need DevTools to be up to date in order to advertise them to other devs in our team and get sites working well in Firefox. I see a trend where other devs don’t care about Firefox and that is scary.

Are there any public plans regarding this topic? Should I be worried?

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I think you should be worried.
It’s not like there were too many new features in each new release and bugs were fixed way too fast (LOL!) so they decided to layoff some developers to “make it better”???

I hate when things makes no sense :frowning:

Hello there, we communicated a bit about the current situation:

The short answer is that there won’t be nobody working on DevTools. We’ll focus on maintenance and architectural work (which we already started doing with the “Fission” project, which will be Firefox implementation of site isolation).

There are also features that are currently under development and that we’ll wrap up soon, so we’ll still put out new features to release for the next couple months (https://twitter.com/FirefoxDevTools/status/1295755585661497352 , scrollbar debugging, compatibility panel, …).

We’ll keep the community updated as soon as we get more detailed information during the next days/weeks. :fox_face:


Strange way to phrase a sentance. You mean “there will be people working on DevTools”. That’s good news. Thank you for the update.

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Last I checked Chrome still misses a lot of ff features. I use for dev work whatever tool is better. Firefox is my main dev but for some things Chromium is more fit.