What are the disadvantages of creating a mobile application for a website?

Hello friends
I want to set my site to a mobile application. Do it have many disadvantages?

Hello @kivanch

first congratulations for your website

and i am not expert but just notice that if your website which will be a mobile app which lead that it will be installed via app store and play store so it has to follow their rule

one rule say that if your app has in app purchase then apple and google will take a cut of that money and you have to make the payment through their platform

another thing i do not know if you going to use automated tool to convert it to mobile app or you will do it yourself

and you could gain more performance to your mobile app and also access many built-in feature from the device

hope that help and have a nice day

few disadvantages I can think of:

  1. it’s a lot of work compared to creating a website
  2. if you target iOS they will reject your app if it’s website like
    from 4.2 here: App Store Review Guidelines

Your app should include features, content, and UI that elevate it beyond a repackaged website

  1. You depend on Google and Apple and need confirmation for every update
  2. You have to pay 99$ to Apple (yearly) + 25$ to Google (one-time)
  3. You have to test it on a variety of devices (you also have to test website, but testing the app is more work than testing the website)
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