What do full-time web developers remember?

(Adeseyeair3s) #1

Stupid question… (Give me at least one since i’m learnin haha :smiley: )

Do full time web developers remember a good about of html/css properties?

I usually remember the core things, and a good amount of other properties, but I usually have the reference open when I do any css work O.o
I used to do this a lot when I was learning java (tho I remembered alot of built in things). I feel like if I understand the main syntax, behavior and rules of a language, then using reference to add or re-enforce stuff is okay(?)

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(Chris Mills) #2

In my experience, people tend to remember high level principles and best practices, e.g. use good document structure and provide alt text on images for accessibility, minimize use of inline CSS and JS, minimize image sizes and number of HTTP requests for better performance, etc.

People don’t tend to remember the exact syntax of how to do such things, or questions like “what parameters does array.reduce() take”? For those kind of questions, you’ve got MDN :wink:

I’m very experienced with CSS, but I still find myself looking up syntax all the time, especially for more complex features like border-image and radial-gradient.