What does the Scottish community need?

There’s been quite a bit of discussion on bug 899235 about various needs for the Scottish (and, more specifically, Gaelic) community.


The discussion spans almost a year (!), and bugzilla isn’t the best place for discussions like this, so I thought I’d move it to here.

I’m under the impression that what the Scottish/Gaelic community requires is: a Gaelic download page for Mozilla products, and a Gaelic discussion/support forum (though it sounds like this might already be covered by Fòram na Gàidhlig).

These two things could be integrated with and hosted on the same VPS as the existing mozilla.org.uk site, but I also see no reason why they couldn’t be hosted on Mozilla infra. A Gaelic products page does already exist (interestingly something which doesn’t exist for en-GB…), SUMO could provide support (if the locale was added) and I expect a Galic discussion forum could be set up here.

What else have I (almost certainly) missed?

I also realise that the mozilla.org.uk site is far from perfect, and I’m planning a small revamp. How could the Scottish community benefit from this?

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Leo I am looking

Can we get Scotland@Mozilla.org.uk email address

I am wondering if we can add a sub catagry here Mozilla Gaelic

That forum is run by a member for the Gaelic community

SuMo won’t enable it due to the en-us is the same they said for words