What does this mean? what should i do?

I randomly clicked on the inspector thing on one of my google photos and this poped up/

Using this console may allow attackers to impersonate you and steal your information using an attack called Self-XSS.
Do not enter or paste code that you do not understand.



Don’t worry, you can safely close the panel (eg close icon on the top right of the toolbox).


Clicking on “Inspect” opened the developer tools of your browser. This is completely harmless and the message you see here is just a warning from the website that you should not write or paste random things in the “console” of the developer tools. There are sometimes scams which ask victims to open developer tools and make them type code in there. To prevent this some websites decide to display very alarming messages such as the one you have seen here.

But it doesn’t mean that your data was compromised or anything, this is just a debugging tool.

Arguably, we (browser vendors) should do a better job at avoiding to put those tools in front of users who don’t need development or debugging features.

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