What happened to BarTab?

I’ve been using it for years! I’m used to it, and the permissions it gave me. Now it’s not working. Can’t find it anywhere. Anyone know anything like it? All my tabs are gone because it won’t restore tabs when I re-start. I fortunately have OneTab, so I have it saved from a couple months ago, but what about the work I did since? I was so used to BarTab. Anyone know anything about it?

Thanks, Mark

You have data files from the old BarTab extension, or one of its offspring, that you want to somehow mine and restore using a current extension?

The old code from 10 years ago is still on Github, which might help in tracking down where the data was stored: https://github.com/philikon/BarTab

But please don’t bother the author, he stepped back from development in 2011:

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