What happens to existing users of a XUL if an updated self signed WebExt version needs new permissions?

(Tonation) #1

We have an old extension in a XUL format. We prepared new WebExt build and during the manual test of updates (drag and drop into the browser over the current extension) we got a notification that this extension require a list of permissions.

The main question is what will happen to existing users of extension if they click Cancel on this notification? Or probably the automatic update from the server will happen in silent mode without any notifications?

In chrome, the extension is disabled automatically until the user approves the request for the new permission. We had this experience and we lost a lot of users.

And another question - if user clicked Cancel on the permissions notification, will he got an request to install update later? Or he will not be able to update it automatically anymore?

(Jorge) #2

I think if you update from XUL to WE, you get the permissions notification, but it doesn’t block the update. If you update from WE to WE and the permissions change, you will be notified and the update won’t occur until you accept the new permissions (like Chrome).

(Tonation) #3

You think, but not sure? Still not clear what happens if during updates from XUL to WE user will cancel the notification about permissions.

In our experience we see that nothing happens:
Extension doesn’t disabled (not like in Chrome) but also update didn’t happen too. We see the same version based on XUL.
But we made it manually, and updates wasn’t received automatically from the server.

Should we expect, that if updates comes automatically from the server and user will decline this notification, the behavior will be the same - he will never receive the updates again? And when XUL based extensions will be absolutely cancelled by Mozilla - we will loose all such users?

Or after some timeout Browser will notify user about available update again?

Or may be another behavior?

(Jorge) #4

I confirmed it now. Go to this page using Firefox 56, install version 2.3 (legacy) and then check for updates. No warning or permissions prompt is shown.

(Tonation) #5

excellent, thank you very much for your assist!!!
You are the best!)