What is difference between Object and Function

I’m confuse understanding Object and Function

Object instanceof Function //true
Function instanceof Object // true
Function.constructor instanceof Object.constructor // true
Function.constructor instanceof Object.constructor // true

why Object instanceof Function is not false ? all objects is instances of Object so how Object is instance of Function, and Object and Function inherit methods from each other like Object.bind() and bind method is written in Function.prototype, how Object inherit this bind method from Function.prototype and Object.getprototypeof(Object.prototype) is null. I understand it like this all constructors include Object constructor inherit methods from Function constructor prototype property and all simple objects inherit methods from constructor prototype property like Person constructor prototype property and Object constructor prototype property. There is no searching for methods in case of simple objects in Function prototype property.

I cant understand your questions clearly but by the title it seems you are confused between objects , classes and functions
let me go to the basics and explain you each thing.

A function is nothing but a block of code which gets executed when you call it. In the example below we have a function called “hello world” which when called will print hello world to the screen.
I have used Python in the example below , to define a function we use the “def” keyword in python in other programming languages the syntax would be different.
after the def keyword you can name your function , i would advice using a meaningful name depending upon the functionality your function is performing since our function is printing hello world to the screen we will name it “Print Hello world”
Every line of code that you see after the colon : is part of the function and will be executed when you call that function.when you call a function in python you type in the function name and then brackets ().

1. def HelloWorld(): // define function
2.     print("hello world")
4. HelloWorld(). // call function

Now coming to classes. In simple terms classes contain data in them , and they also contain functions in them but when you want to use any of the data or call any of the function you cant just call them like we did above , we first have to create an object of that particular class and then using that object we can now access all the data and also call the function inside the class.

  class MyClass:                     // this is a class everything after the : is a part of the class
  data = 5.                          // data inisde a class you can name whatever you want  

  def helloworld(self):              // function inside a class

       print("hello world")

object1 = MyClass()               // creating object of a class called object1            
object1.helloworld()              // now i can call the function which will print"helloworld"
print(object1.data)               // i can even access the data in it