What is "new Community IT setup" going to look like? Should anyone wait for it?

I was told about a “new community IT setup” by @kaustavdm and @r_qDYrxoJ3X9S_ltyv6BEiGw which the Mozilla India community is waiting to arrive before trying to update their mediawiki instance. Is what they refer to the same as Community Ops/Hosting Services? If yes, what is this about?

More importantly, Is there any merit in delaying critical tasks like updating mediawiki software as a result of waiting for this new setup?

Now, this is not just about the mediawiki instance but also affects other web assets of Mozilla India.

I’m just looking for some kind of time frame so that critical tasks (like updating software) doesn’t have to wait unnecessarily long while the right course of action would have been not to wait for PartInfra and update the servers as was being done in the past.

We were waiting on the new-partinfra to shape up, and join the pilot as early as possible.

I have no new information on when the community Pilot will be run. I’ve reached out to the team, and awaiting to hear back.

In case we don’t have a quick action on this, we will have to go with traditional VMs.

Reference long-standing urgent bugs:

Sorry, you guys should have gotten a response by now. We don’t have a time frame yet as we need to look into the new solution and figure out how long things will take us.

I’ll make sure we talk about this today and give you some sort of answer.

@tanner and myself didn’t have access to these bugs when we were looking at which sites needed to be migrated away, so they fell under the radar. I’ll add comments on the bugs to figure out how we’re going to move forward with them.

Sorry for bumping this old thread. But, we were talking about this point as a blocker in a MozCoffee today in Mozilla India. I don’t even remember what this topic was about. So let me rephrase the question, also with the ovh issues of today in mind, is there any other server structure that is being planned?

I maybe should have looked around before bumping. Is the paas idea what I’m looking for?

If I understand it correctly, once terrform is in place, creating new services would be super easy. Say, Mozilla India wants a new blog or a new wiki, you’ll just have to press some buttons and this will be deployed in a new docker instance. And you can give access to just the right people. Am I right?