What is the version of web technology tutorials on MDN web docs?

So,I was referring to the MDN web docs to learn about HTML, CSS, JS etc., but no version has been mentioned in the developer guides, for example within the HTML tutorial, even the HTML5 features/tags have been combined with HTML4 and older versions elements with no mention like these are new elements introduced in the latest version.

For your reference: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTML.

Also, even Angular official documentation website is being updated, but it’s so confusing which version of the concepts the angular.io is referring to in the https://angular.io/docs as the angular version is not mentioned.

@Sneha having finished https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn/Front-end_web_developer HTML and CSS courses, I can tell you that the tutorial focuses on the recent versions of both these technologies (HTML5 and CSS3) but with a mention of the earlier technology for both context and support of older browsers. To give you a bit of history, Mozilla is a break away of netscape which was a Breakaway of Mosaic Communication Cooperation, that created the first proper browser. They are the go to unbiased documentation when it comes to web technologies, due to their experience with the browser technology which goes way back to the 90’s. If you are new to web dev, the versions are not very important at this stage, first understand how things work, then the versions will make sense. :wink:


Hi @Githuma, thank you for the clear explanation :+1:

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@Sneha you are welcome