What min Firefox version required?

Trying install the addon in v52.2.1 ESR gives error in browser console:

Got install event for unknown install 4 amWebAPI.js:53
receiveMessage resource://gre/components/amWebAPI.js:53:21

Unfortunately we now require Firefox 53. I’m not sure on the error you are getting however I know we now depend on new APIs that came in web extension recently so we can continue to make the experiment work as Firefox evolves.

Closed https://github.com/mozilla/multi-account-containers/issues/711#issuecomment-320434484 (2017-08-05) mentioned 55, more recent https://addons.mozilla.org/addon/multi-account-containers/versions/?page=1#version-4.0.3 suggests:

Works with Firefox 53.0 and later

What’s the tl;dr?

#thinkbubbles https://wiki.mozilla.org/RapidRelease/Calendar#Future_branch_dates with neither 53.x nor 55.x targeted for extended support (ESR).

We never implemented the 55 comment there, this relates to popping the browser action open when the user clicks the context menu.

The current min version is 53 however that is largely irrelevant as you mention 52 and 59 are ESR branches.

I would reserve the right to increase that min version in future, however we will be supporting 59 for certain. We took the call in a recent meeting that we will not be spending the time to backport due the the number of changes we intend to make elsewhere.

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