What order you suggests for the Reps in the Portal Home Page?

Talking on Bugzilla on the dedicated ticket we chosen to move the discussion there.

My idea is to order the Reps in the Homepage not using the alphabetical country order but with the latest that joined the program.

This is can be a way to introduce new reps to the community and have always new people and not always the same.
New reps need a gratification of joining the program and deserve to appear on the home page.

What do you suggest?


I like the idea.

Question: will we change the chronological order of the old reps as well? For example reps that entered in 2015 will they be earlier than reps that entered in 2011?

Also how are we going to present this categorization info in this website?

My idea is that all the searches will be order by the joined date when the reps will be listed on searches on https://reps.mozilla.org/people/#/.

I am not sure about what do you mean, maybe I miss something?

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Liked the idea and rationale behind it.

Yeah! this sounds good as well.

As you can see https://reps.mozilla.org/people/#/ now the reps are order for joining date and not anymore for alphabetical order based on the country.

100% agree with this idea to have newest at the top. I feel this would actively encourage me to seek out and engage with newbies. Right now, at most I look once a quarter. Our brains like shiny! Please bring the shiny!

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