What to do when for Reps of the Month nomination there is only one candidate?

(Daniele Scasciafratte) #1

Hi people,
we was discussing between mentors about this fact and chosen to discuss with the rest of the people in the program.
For who doesn’t know every month mentors nominate reps and there is a vote for all the mentors. The most voted became the Reps of the month.
There are different ideas to improve that and the Reps Peers are discussing since a while as example of adding a comment for evey nomination.
Anyway this topic is for another discussion, it was just to give a little bit of introduction and letting know that Council+Peers we are working to improving.

The big question is when in a month there is only one nomination automatically start the voting like as always. So what to do when there is only one?

I personally think that is not fair compared to months when there are 10 or 5. So for me the option should be to cancel that month.

PS: Yes it should be that every month there are more nominations but happen that mentors forgot to do it. Every mentor can give a vote like for the elections.

Take this thread to discuss and gather feedback that later Council+Peers will analyse and in case do a new sop for this cases.

(Rabimba) #2

“Mentors nominate reps”?
That alone sounds fundamentally flawed process.

Might I ask what criteria’s are considered for one to be Rep of the Month before actually giving any suggestion in this thread?

(Gabriela) #3

Wouldn’t this be rather unfair for the nominated rep? Maybe she/he could have one vote just for being nominated previously?



(Shagufta Methwani) #4

You can keep a threshold, for example 3. And if a month has less than those number of nominations, they can be forwarded to next month’s nominations along with them.

(Shagufta Methwani) #5

@rabimba Unfortunately it has always been that way

(Michael Kohler) #6

You can find more info on https://wiki.mozilla.org/Reps/Rep_of_the_Month . However, can you not read that and give suggestion on how you think it should work? I think that would provide more value :slight_smile:

I personally think only one is totally fine. There can be several reasons why that is. However, I think we’re currently quite low on criteria. So I personally think the best way forward here is to define criteria for recognition. And that will be part of the Mission Driven Mozillians Project at some point :slight_smile:

(Irvin Chen) #7

“Only the one do good”, is not a reason to consider they are not good enough. I don’t think only one people been nominated would change the fact that he should be the ROM.

I feel we should improve the nominating process (eg., people who had the top reports without previous ROM get automatic nominate), or voting process (add a opposite vote), but not set the threshold.