What's new on Discourse? (2019-09-18)

Further people.mozilla.org (PMO) integration

Since the last post, we’ve been hard at work improving Discourse’s integration with people.mozilla.org.

As before, these features are staff-only at the moment - as PMO is currently restricted to staff - but will work for volunteers the very moment PMO is opened to volunteers.

Prompt on login

Now staff without a PMO-connected account will receive a prompt to connect their accounts on login. This allows staff who already had a Discourse account prior to the sign-up prompt being implemented to also connect their accounts.

Profile picture sync

Profile pictures are now included in the list of attributes we continually sync from PMO after a user connects their account. To try it out, just make sure your profile picture is set to public visibility in PMO.

Disconnect from preferences

Users with a PMO-connected account can now easily disconnect their account from their user preferences.

Email forwarding

Discourse now handles forwarded emails appropriately. In the past the forwarded section would be stripped out, now it’ll be formatted as a quote. Read more here: How do I use Discourse via email?

New post editing period for TL2 users

Courtesy of upstream, TL2 users - this automatically includes all staff and NDA volunteers, as well as users who spend enough time reading/posting on Discourse - are no longer prohibited from editing their post beyond a certain time limit.

Quick access panels in user menu

Also from upstream, you’ll notice a new design to your user menu, allowing you quick access to bookmarked posts as well as PMs.

What’s next?

We’ve been hard at work on migrating discourse.mozilla.org from Open Innovation infrastructure into the IT team, and we’ll be announcing a short migration window soon.