What's real difference between people portal and community portal?

Hello mozillians.
You know mozilla merging multiple commumnity sub domains into community portal under https://community.mozilla.org
It’s a very good project.
In addition you know mozilla making people portal in https://people.mozilla.org that is a uprade of mozillians.org
I can see same things in people section of community portal and people portal.
However people portal currently isn’t accessible for most of community and it’s only accessible for mozilla staff and NDA community members, but target of people portal is a centeral profile and access managemnt system for all of mozillians(Staffs and Volunteers).
I think before mozilla wants to cease one of community portal or people portal because they have same usability, you must merge two systems into one systyem.
I suggest name new merged website mozilla people and community portal.
What’s your opinion?

Hi Amir!

It’s a great point but instead of merging them or deleting one - we’re working on an integration with People.Mozilla.org (PMO) similar to what is currently set-up for Discourse.

When PMO is open to all community members, we’ll make it so that when you create a new account on community.mozilla.org a new profile will be created for you on PMO or if you already have one, you’ll be given the option of importing you information.

PMO’s only purpose is to be a central repository of profiles, it won’t have any functionality around groups, recognition, events, etc. Hopefully one day PMO profiles will connect with common voice, pontoon, support.mozilla.org and all of the other platforms - so you only need one profile across Mozilla.

The Community Portal will leverage PMO to provide you with a profile that’s consistent no matter which Mozilla site you’re using and uses those profiles so you can join activities, campaigns, events, groups etc… Some people will have a PMO profile but will not want to have a community portal profile if they’re not interested in general community participation - groups, events, etc.



If mozilla people is a centeral profile system for all of mozilla projects eg sumo, common voice and,… I suggest to you merge at least people section of mozilla community portal and mozilla people. I mean volunteers shoudn’t need to make a profile in community portal too. They can make a profile on mozilla people and people section of mozilla community only show the pmo profiles of volunteers.
One profile for everywhere including community portal. I mean community portal can have all of its funcutionality(eg groups and events) except people section. Because People section of community portal=Mozilla People Portal.

Once we integrate the Community Portal with the People Directory, you won’t have to fill any form you already have on the Directory. Right now we are just getting some fields from Mozilla’s SSO. (We haven’t started the planning but we hope to have this later this year)

So yes, the plan is that you don’t need to create or edit your profile twice, but only the fields that are unique to the functionality the Community Portal has.