When are themes recommend (EXACTLY) and when are they RE-recommended (EXACTLY)

I found that creating themes is a fun way to be creative and customize my own browser.
There are just a view things concerning “recommended” themes I would like to know.

I’ve made about a 100 . . one theme got recommended and I was delighted.
Meaning this theme got thousands of downloads . . WHILE the others (and some in much much better quality) never get viewed because the way themes are recommended and shown wenn you click on theme-sites ist very poorly made. My first theme has . . more than 10.000 Users . . my second most? about 20 . . you see the difference? . . and the second one is not even close to very good . . my best themes are nearly invisible . .
Now my recommended theme was put off its recommended status . . and I don’t know why. It all seems so random to me. Most recommended themes are so childish and have very poor visibility … and contrast . . and lack in creativity.
So my question is: What are those so called “high standarts” for themes exactly?
And who ist checking this? . . it seems that it’s all up to some dudes personal choice at the other end.

Here two examples . .

(WAS) recommended

has no clicks . . but looks much better.

Hi @Mr.Cline, thanks for reaching out!

Recommended themes are curated by long-time volunteer community members and add-ons staff. When selecting themes to recommend, we look for designs of high aesthetic quality, resolution, and composition in a variety of styles, colors, and moods. We rotate themes through the “Recommended” category every few weeks.

If you’re interested in joining the curation team, I’m happy to share more information. :slight_smile:

Can I ask what you mean by ‘the same 6’? The featured list has a little over 30 themes recommended right now.

I do know that if you go to Tools > Add-ons in the browser there are only 3 themes under the Recommendations section (one of which I see is yours) along with other add-ons. So I’m just genuinely curious where you are seeing only 6 recommended themes.

Thanks for sharing your opinion; I would ask you to please be respectful of the other theme designers and curators in this community when critiquing things that are not to your personal taste.

I’m curious what you mean by “let the creator choose which ones are shown.” Shown where?

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Thanks for those details. Currently, those themes are selected by popularity (number of average daily users). I can certainly forward your suggestion to allow designers to select which six themes show up to the developers.

Ah, thank you for the explanation. I see what you mean; however, it didn’t used to be that way. I noticed before that those suggestions would change depending on the category that the theme being viewed is listed under. So for example, say a theme was in the Movie/TV category, all the themes in that area would be other themes the designer had listed in that category and so forth. Now I see that’s not the case anymore.

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