When will the next version of the dataset be released?

Also, when will the Delta Segment of version 13 be released?

Hi Razmik, is there perhaps a PR that was summited for the additional segment that needs to be attended to?

Hi Gina, didn’t understand the question, what do you mean by


@Gina_Moape, @Razmik-Badalyan was talking about the Delta releases explained here:

You can see/download them from datasets page:

These are much smaller than the full release and only include new recordings, but we can easily merge them when we have a previous full release. Saves bandwidth, disk space and time for everybody…

v13 Delta Segment/Release is not released yet, so everyone has to download large files.


Hi Razmik

I am the one that did not understand your question, however I saw Bulent provided a detailed answer.

Thank you for this detailed response.

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The delta metadata has been merged, but they are not yet downloadable. @Razmik-Badalyan, please check the downloads page at a later time :slight_smile:

@Razmik-Badalyan: v13.0 Delta Segments are now downloadable…

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Thank you for informing :slight_smile: