When's Photon going to show up on Android

(bull500) #1

Hello Mozillians

Any word or eta on when Photon will appear in Android Nightlies
Or is there a secret pref to enable it?

(Michael Kohler) #2

You can find the meta bug tracking all the work for Android here: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1355774

(bull500) #3

sweet man! thanks for this!

(Andrei Petcu) #4

Android Photon is on hold, right?



It is due to be in Firefox for Android Nightly 57, so you should be able to see the first iterations of it fairly soon if you are using Nightly on your Android device.

(bull500) #6

cant wait
i hope there’s a performance boost as well

(Andrei Petcu) #7

Photon does not bring a performance boost. Quantum does. I don’t know when Quantum will land on Android but it will.

(Michael Kohler) #8

At least on Desktop it does bring a boost to performance. Agreed, most of it is “perceived” performance, but that will still make a lot of difference. However, there are still a lot of use cases where it’s actually a real performance gain. The whole “Photon Performance” tasks can be seen on Bugzilla.

(Oneeyecarpenter) #9


I’ve been using 57 nightly on HTC m9, Nougat 7.0. And with very similar extensions, I have on 55, it does seem to be faster. I tried it a few weeks ago, but until last night, finally found alternatives to 2 add-ons, I’m using it as daily driver. So far, it’s working rather well. Theme’s need work though, but I’m happy with the new version.