Where am I storing my passwords?

Hi. I wonder where I am storing my passwords when I have signed into my Mozilla account. Will it then be the Firefox Browser or the online Mozilla password manager that is doing it?
I do not know. Is there a Mozilla password manager in existence at all? Am I already using it if I am logged into my Mozilla account?

Hi Janus. If you didn´t disable this feature in Firefox settings, your passwords are saved in your browser and synchronized on your Mozilla account. When you install Firefox on another device, you can then get back all your credentials in a second (Same for your bookmarks and history if you will).

In addition, you can also receive an alert in case of security breach if a website or service you use has been compromised: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/firefox-password-manager-alerts-breached-websites

You can optimize the password manager in Settings > Privacy & Security and enable or disable each feature.

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