Where are sentences I have added?

I added sentences in Sentence Collector. They are validated. Why I don’t see them in CommonVoice? There are still no sentences for me in CommonVoice…

When have you added the sentences? What language? What’s your user name on Sentence Collector?

3 days ago. Chuvash language. herox - is my user name

The sentences from the Sentence Collector get exported every week, and then are part of the subsequent Common Voice website release every two weeks. So if they are indeed validated, they will show up in the next export and release.

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Hi @nyagin_pavel,

When sentences are validated on Sentence Collector by at least two yes (two different users), they are synched to Common Voice but not immediately. Usually, once a week, sentence are synched to Common Voice. If you need more help, please don"t hesitate to ask (me or community).

You’re welcome to ask more for help :slight_smile: