Where can I find the language list?

I come from the gihub issue #2436 tracker and I’ve been suggested to post it here instead.

My question is :

I’m building an app that will be translated with Pontoon. The developers will have the possibility to opt-in new languages. To avoid people requesting language that makes no sense, I would like to use the list that is used by pontoon in the main interface.

Is this list available somewhere in pontoon files or is dynamically updated? Can you show me where to look?

I’ve been told that I can access it in the admin interface here : /a/base/locale/, but my question was more about where is it on github side ? Is it pulled from an official spec that I can use myself or is the list present in the Pontoon core code ?

Hey @Rambaud_Pierrick, this is the data migration that defines the initial list of locales enabled in Pontoon: