Where can I help with UI design

Hey everyone,

I’m a graphic/web designer and I’d really like to help making Thunderbird look a bit better. I believe this great app should get a bit more love in terms of UI/UX :wink:

Can anyone point me to the right direction, please? Basically, I want to know if there’s a Git repo or anywhere else where I could contribute.

Thanks in advance!

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Hey @invino- I would love to get you plugged in! I’m the Community Manager for Thunderbird and we are looking at doing quite a lot of work with UX/UI (and we could use some help with the website).

You can join our UX Mailing list here: https://thunderbird.topicbox.com/groups/ux

We could also use some help with our website design, the repo is here: https://github.com/thundernest/thunderbird-website

We’ve even had some mockups of what a new website design might look like, but it has not been implemented.

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You can also ping me at ryan@thunderbird.net and I can answer any questions or help you further.

Topic box isn’t working for me. Had a devil of a time finding this discourse forum too! Lots of old broken links lying around and stuff.

Anyway, sent you an email about the topic box thing. I have a ton of thoughts on this. I think there’s a huge opportunity for Thunderbird here. I can discuss more in the topicbox etc once we get that ironed out.

(also why use topic box when it appears there’s a dedicated tag design tag for the TB category here? Doesn’t that fragment the community?