Where is the "Master Password Timeout" addon?

Dear ALL,

I have been using Firefox for many years and I used to have the powerful and good addon like the Master Password & Master Password Timeout to keep my pwd for websites with a password timeout protection after specified idle period.

However, lots of the useful addons are gone~ I don’t know why Mozilla Foundation would remove them from the add-ons store… I would happen to see them back and could be downloaded from Mozilla official addon site.

May I know that how would Mozilla to handle the security issue of the Master Password… just only rely on the screen saver with password? Or need the user to manually logoff the master password addon everytime before away from the PC?

There are various password managers available on AMO that are significantly safer than any solution based on the native password manager or the master password. Unfortunately I don’t think it will be possible to implement an extension like Master Password Timeout given the current extensions API design.