Where to ask detailed questions about debugging an FF addon?

I’m trying to debug an add-on that broke, as best I can tell, with the release of FF 82.0.2 - but I’m getting quite confusing results in particular as regards the location of the code on disk. I’ve looked at a bunch of locations (e.g. mozilla discussion groups on groups.google.com) but it’s still unclear to me where to ask detailed questions of this kind?

Thanks - Pat

Have you tried using the about:debugging page to look at the code?

Extension code usually is stored in the currently active profile, extensions folder. However, if the extension is from the Mozilla Add-ons site, it is easier to right-click > Save Link As on the install/remove/enable button to save the XPI file to a working folder, and un-zip it there.

about:debugging - yes. But that seems to see the code in a different context (pid? [probably]) than the page that I actually want to debug - youtube. Moreover when I set a breakpoint in the code I’ve gotten from about:debugging then trigger the relevant operation in a youtube page, the code doesn’t break.

That’s 82.0.2. Downloaded the Aug 1 nightly which is 81.0a1 and added the addon I want. Here, the addon does appear in the FF debugger in the same youtube page (pid) and I can set a breakpoint and it successfully breaks there.

My guess as to what’s changed (between 81.0a1 and 82.0.2) has something to do with this warning seen for the addon in about:debugging (in 82.0.2):

So the addon, in the case of 82.0.2, acts not as event page but as a persistent background page - except part of what I"m contending with is I don’t know, yet, how to debug it as a persistent background page.

I can debug just fine in 81.0a1 - but that’s neither what I want or need. Want to understand how the addon works with the latest release versions of FF.