Which file to modify?

From the inspector, how do I know which file I have to modify to translate the 3 words indicated?

I don’t think there is a way to determine from the Inspector whether that text was in the original HTML of the page, or was inserted/modified by a script, and if it was inserted/modified by a script, which script it was.

Thanks Jscher2000.
I thought there was a way for the inspector to indicate which file the selected content belongs to.
With css, for example, styles it does.

The Inspector doesn’t provide that info, because what it displays is the dynamic DOM structure and not the original HTML source sent over the wire. Also, HTML is normally generated on the server side and there is no source mapping between the server-side scripts and the DOM.

To get to know where the attributes come from, you should first use the newly added full text search of the Network panel to search for the words.

If you know they get added via JavaScript, you can use the also recently added DOM mutation breakpoints. Those allow you to stop the JavaScript execution right where the attributes get changed.


thanks sebastianzartner!
I thought it was easier to find those words. I’ll look into the methods you suggest.
Thank you very much!