Who can make firefox add on to chrome extension for me

(Umut Tekin) #1

hi friends i have one opensource firefox extension i want to use this my chrome but i cant because i dont know that how can i porting firefox extension to chrome extension because ı dont know coding can someone do it for me? please change to chrome unpacked extension and upload any site for me

the extension source which i want to use it on chrome

(jscher2000) #2

That is a legacy extension which used proprietary interfaces exposed by Firefox 56 and earlier. It can’t be ported to Chrome; that would be a complete ground-up rewrite.

You could check for existing Chrome extensions that have similar features, or newer Firefox extensions.

Why do you want a random user agent?

(Umut Tekin) #3

hi i dont want to set fake user agent i want to set fake screen(resolution) properties on javascprit this extension make it and i dont know how to set manuel values

(jscher2000) #4

Can you use the Responsive Design Mode?

(Umut Tekin) #5

yes i use but i dont use it every time i want only the code in this extension that changes the display resolution fake