WHY are ALL old versions and ALL old addons inaccessable now

I am getting really sick of you kids changing firefox for no other reason than for change. Change for the sole sake of change is not good.

I don’t want all of this crap that has been shoehorned into this browser so I run the oldest possible version that will keep the websites I use workable. Don’t opine on how bad and insecure this is. I have never ONCE had a problem. For context, my first computer was in 1981 and I was hacking and pirating long before bill gates knew what his “microshaft” was. IOW Yes, I know my way around.

So, in turn you take away ALL of the old personas and other add-ons just because you kids want to make it difficult for old version users. This is CRAP.

If this is the case, then Opera or linux is in order. I was a fan of FF until change was made “just because”. Some of us out here in the interweebs are just plain tired of changes.

If something is good, leave it be!!! Simplicity is best.

I use FF55 and I cannot find anything of use on this site anymore. This sucks because FF USED to keep the add-ons for old versions accessible.

I am really tired of FF now. I’m not nearly the fan I once was. Maybe LINUX is in my near future.


I recommend that you have a read of this article that explains the background to the change introduced in 2017:


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The old Firefox was very expensive to maintain. This was not change for the sake of change.

It’s unfortunate that it affected you in such a negative way but Mozilla had little choice here.

Simple. Keep the old versions and their respective add-ons ACCESSIBLE to those who want to use them with the explicit disclaimer that there is no support or warranty for them or “safe space”(sarcasm) for those who use them. The respective add-ons for specific versions of FF will still work with the version being used. This is how I did it for over a decade and guess what??? Everything worked. Amazing, isn’t that!

I remember the days of 1200 baud. That was expensive back then. With the price of bandwidth and storage precipitously LOW today, it is NOT expensive to keep these files archived.

Problem solved.