Why can I not load a simple custom extension/addon xpi file in Android Nightly?

I’m losing my mind here.

I’m trying to load a simple xpi file I created from this walkthrough below using Android Firefox Nightly.

Things I’ve done so far

Tried different compression methods to make the zip/xpi
Set xpinstall.signatures.required to false
Set xpinstall.whitelist.required to false
Made sure add on has an ID

I’m losing my mind here because as far as I know there is no way to know why the xpi/zp file is just showing as grayed out and not installable?

Hey @JamieFireFox. What do you mean by “the xpi/[zip] file is just showing as grayed out and not installable”?

As mentioned in the Developing extensions for Firefox for Android, the web-ext CLI tool is the recommended way to get a development extension from your computer to your Android device.

At the moment Firefox for Android only supports installing add-ons directly from addons.mozilla.org; attempting to install an add-on from another site will end up downloading the XPI file. That said, there is a developer/poweruser feature that allows users to install a locally saved XPI file. See this Reddit thread for details.