Why can't a version number be used again?

I submitted a wrong package of my extension on version 1.5.4, then deleted it. Now I would like to submit another package and still use version number 1.5.4, but I got a warning, saying 1.5.4 had been uploaded and deleted.
I don’t understand, why can’t I re-submit with the same version number since it has been deleted?

That would be crazy complicated. How would a client know if there is update or not if the version number didn’t change?

You really shouldn’t think about this too much. It’s more like a “build number” or “package ID” that’s linked to the specific file. And if you upload new file, it needs to have new ID.

Also I’m pretty sure for “security reasons” all builds are stored in some archive in case they needs to be re-reviewed (like if malware author decides to cover his tracks :slight_smile: ), so this helps to reason about which “version” is bad.

umm…yes, you’re right. But maybe the restrictions can be less strict because my new version has not even been published.

Yeah, but the server already doing all the magic with the file even if it’s not yet released.

The moment you leave the “upload file” page, the addon is already in a process of being released. Sometimes it’s released before I write the change-log or even before I submit the source files (if there are some).

But yes, I know what you mean, I had the same “mental setup” but I’ve learned to live with it :slight_smile:. Life is too short to care about small stuff like that anyway :smiley:.

Haha, I like your opinion.