Why does my webthings install constantly stop working? What am I doing wrong?

I have posted before and basically this just keeps happening.

I install webthings with all my addons and build my large set of rules.

Everything works great and I am very happy with my home automation.

Suddenly, I connect to the webthings server either locally or through my mozilla-iot address and all my items are greyed out.

I restart the raspberry pi and while the raspberry pi works fine, I simply cannot connect to the server’s website and none of my automations work. No number of restarts changes this.

I have faced this issue on multiple raspberry pis, using both the image and the docker, different SD cards. I have also faced this image while webthings is the only application running on the pi and when it is not. When it is not running by itself, the other programs on the pi work just fine.

Somehow, this happens to me each time with a clean install, yet I cannot find any other topic in these threads even remotely close to what I am experiencing. How can I be the only one?

Can someone please help? None of the other home automation servers are able to do everything I want the same way webthings can.

Ok, well I got it working.

I went to microcenter, bought a NUC and installed Debian. From there I installed the webthings docker image. I copied all my old files from the raspberry pi and started it up and it worked about 90% perfectly. Just had to deactive and activate a couple plugins to get everything working correctly but now I’m at 100%. Hopefully it lasts.

So I guess this could be due to a difference in the code between the arm version and the amd64 version. Or the fact that maybe the raspberry pi wasn’t able to handle all the rules and devices I had going through it but the NUC can?

I’m not sure. My understanding and use of linux is like a caveman trying to fly an SR-71 Blackbird so I’m pretty proud of myself. Hopefully this time things remain a little more stable.