Why Ghostery is a recommended addon?

On this site we can read

Recommended extensions are curated extensions that meet the highest standards of security, functionality, and user experience.


All Recommended extensions should not only function as they promise (…)


Firefox is committed to helping protect you against third party software that may inadvertently compromise your data—or worse—breach your privacy with malicious intent.

So how comes that Mozilla is recommending Ghostery addon which is know of reselling our private information to advertisers*? Is that means I shouldn’t trust any of addons recommended by you? Or maybe that this

Can developers pay to be recommended?

No. All Recommended content is curated solely for the purpose of providing Firefox users with great browsing tools and experiences.

is simply a lie?

*That’s exactly how Ghostery owners make money.

Are you saying their description of what they do with user data in the following page is not accurate?


I will say that having such description of what they do with user data is enough to recommend AGAINST this addon.