Why is Lastpass still not on v4?


Lastpass v4 has been available for more than a year from their website, and for other browsers from their add-on stores, yet AMO is still hosting the outdated v3. Why is this?

(erosman) #2

You will have to asked them. The last version they uploaded to AMO was Version 3.3.4 · March 17, 2017.

(Marcin Rataj) #3

Answer from LastPass FAQ: Why is the version in the Mozilla add-on store out of date?:

You may notice that the most up to date versions are not always available at the same time for all browsers when updates are pushed out automatically or if you go to the browser’s add-on/extension store. This occurs because, after we update LastPass and submit it to the respective browser’s stores, they must approve of the changes first. Then, it is up to the browser to push these updates out automatically. This can take some time.

Users have reported some frustration at the lack of updates for the Firefox add on through the official store. We submit new builds as we create them and our rapid release cycle means that we are submitting builds every few days or weeks. This means that if Mozilla has not completed their review, the process must start over for the new build.

That being said, latest (not reviewed) version can be manually installed from Development Channel:

(Andrei Petcu) #4

Why is in only in dev channel? Did it not pass review?

(erosman) #5

They have not submitted those beta versions for the review.

(Andrei Petcu) #6

But they offer them as official on lastpaass.com as unlisted addons… this is really strange…

(erosman) #7

Unlisted addons are auto-reviewed.
Unlisted addons may not pass the proper review. :wink:


This was released a month ago.


(Jorge) #9

There’s a version of Last Pass 4 awaiting review. We’re investigating a crashing issue with the add-on before it can be published.

(Andrei Petcu) #10

I noticed that Lastpass 3 from AMO does not have Google Analytics. Lastpass4 from lastpass.com has.

Will Lastpass4 from AMO have Google Analytics?

(Andrei Petcu) #11

I might get a little off topic here but it seems like the Chrome Lastpass does not have Google Analytics. This is really strange… usually Chrome extensions track you and Firefox addons (at least the ones from AMO) do not track you.

I see the motivation for Lastpass to promote the unlisted version since they have less rules they need to follow for Firefox but I see no point in adding GA to unlisted Firefox addon but not to the Chrome extension.

(Richard Lindsey) #13

For more than 2 years I have used Lastpass to generate and store passwords to more than 100 internet accounts I have. Today, I learned Firefox has removed it from my browser WITHOUT ANY NOTIFICATION OF YOUR INTENT TO DO SO. I find this business practice unethical and disgusting. I’ve used FF for about 8-10 years and have never had this experience before. By doing this without any notification, you have done me much more damage than could have been done by any other entity. If you do not find a way for me to get my passwords retrieved, I will never use FireFox or ANY of its products again, and will spread the word far and wide about your arrogance of removing material I have trusted you with without any forewarning or opportunity for me to take other measures to safeguard my data. Profoundly disgusted with your tactics and practices on this matter. And DO NOT try to shove blame on LastPass. This is YOUR mess and I expect you to clean it up forthwith.

(Sabine Dieken) #14

Ich schließe mich dem an. Finde es mehr als lästig, dass das Lastpass Addon nicht richtig funktioniert und auch kein funktionierendes angeboten wird.