Why mess with it if it's not broken?

The new ‘inspector’ seems the classic case of someone thinking they can code it better but unfortunately the improvement is only in their minds. It was easy as can be to just click inspector and all I had to do was move the cursor around highlighting everything with a quick overview and then focus in on whatever. Now I have to right-click on everything. Bring back the express bus, we don’t need to stop at every stop. Someone please explain that to the new coder in case they don’t understand the analogy.

Thank You


I don’t quite follow your comment, as there is no “new” inspector.
Could you tell us a specific case that used to work for you (and the version number), and in which way it has changed now (and the version number you’re seeing the new behavior in).
Adding screenshot to demonstrate your issue would be a good way for everyone to get on the same page so we can then discuss the problem and potential solutions.

To be clear, the behavior of the button to pick an element did not change. You click the button, then hovering any element on the page highlights it, and finally clicking an element selects it in the tree view of the Inspector and turns the picker off.

It sounds like this doesn’t work for you anymore, so it might be a bug you’re experiencing.


PS: Please mind your tone! Insulting people isn’t a good way to start a communication.