Why Proton?


It’s a genuine question here: Why Proton? What’s wrong with Quantum UI?


@Geobomatic, I’m not a Mozilla rep so I’m just another random dude on the net who uses Firefox, but I have been asking this same question whenever Mozilla decides to push some random UI change to Firefox for no good reason. I truly don’t understand it. The changes being made to Photon seem to be light in Proton but I suppose the biggest thing they’re trying to change is the styling aesthetic and textures for dialogue windows and menus. It’s an attempt (albeit unnecessary) to make the browser look even more “modern”. Mozilla continues on this stupid rally with Google to copycat their UI while protesting ethics—yet they can’t just keep what works because they’re constantly making business decisions instead of decisions that actually benefit the community. Eye-candy UI doesn’t make Firefox easier to use… it makes it more attractive. That’s a business decision, not a decision catering to the community.

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Here we have it shoved in our throat and I really feel it’s a regression:

  • no icons in menu: it’s hard to find what you want in a glance
  • tabs look like random button, disconnected from the urlbar. What’s the logic in that?
  • no color strip on top of selected “tab”: I really miss the blue stripe on dark theme, making hard to see which tab is selected
  • container indicator moving to top make this confusion even worse
  • vertical space taken is more than before and compact mode is “not supported” meaning they’ll leave it to rot until it’s broken

How the company that builds the beautiful Rust language and its welcoming and benevolent community can not listen to its user base?


Yep, that is exactly what will be happening. Now that compact mode is hidden in about:config they’ll remove it soon as nobody really uses it anymore.

And I feel like it’s a lost cause. They did add telemetry to see how spread is the usage of compact mode, but now, the setting is hidden in about:config…


I don’t get the big benefit for removing icons. Icons make it easier to recognize what you’re looking for? Only using text means you have to spend a more time to read each item, or rely on rote memorization of item order.

Without items, the menu can become slightly less wide, but was that even an issue on desktop?

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